So you’ve decided to attend your first homebrew club meeting and are wondering what to bring? Meetings vary all over the place, but you cannot go wrong if you pack up some of the following:

  • Yourself – yep, if nothing else just show up and stick out your hand to meet people.
  • Homebrew – or mead, cider, etc. Also bring the recipe, someone may be interested. Always bring at least a bomber and even better a half gallon of beer, less of mead.
  • Calendar/Paper & Pen – in case the club announces events or you want to jot down a quick note.
  • Tasting Glass – this is a must. Some clubs may have them, but if you don’t know take one with you it will probably come in handy.
  • Attitude – and by this I mean a good one. No one wants a sourpuss at their homebrew club meeting.

It’s a short list of things and should not take up much space. Have your homebrew at the proper serving temp and if you don’t have any homebrew for that first meeting it often is a good idea to bring in an interesting commercial example. It may not be opened and used, but everyone appreciates someone who brings something to the party. So what are you waiting for, get yourself to that meeting!