The Lt. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is proposing gun control measures to be placed in front of voters in the general election if enough signatures can be obtained in the next six months. Newsom is mounting a campaign for Governor and I guess he expects this to be a major part of his platform. A Title & Summary from December outlines the gun control points which are:

  • Prohibits possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, and requires their disposal by sale to dealer, destruction, or removal from state.
  • Requires most individuals to pass background check and obtain Department of Justice authorization to purchase ammunition.
  • Requires most ammunition sales be made through licensed ammunition vendors and reported to Department of Justice.
  • Requires lost or stolen firearms and ammunition be reported to law enforcement .
  • Prohibits persons convicted of stealing a firearm from possessing firearms.
  • Establishes new procedures for enforcing laws prohibiting firearm possession by felons and violent criminals.
  • Requires Department of Justice to provide information about prohibited persons to federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Now I think a few of those might be worthwhile, but the first is to remove any magazine with a capacity of larger than 10 rounds. I would actually hate to have to go through all my magazines just to figure out what I have to dispose of so I would not run afoul of the law. Last time I checked none of my magazines had been used in any crime so why should law-abiding citizens be penalized? The second sounds as if the state will decide at will if you can or cannot purchase ammo. That’s complete BS, why should some agency authorize me to purchase a box of 22’s? The third stops all internet sales of ammo, basically if you are not licensed you cannot sell. Now here’s what they aren’t telling you, currently no one is licensed so from where I sit it would be a means to stop all ammo sales by simply not licensing anyone. You can smell what they are cooking? Reporting stolen firearms is a must, so this one I can get behind as well as the one following and the one following that if you are a criminal, you lose your rights. As far as the last one I am scratching my head as to why the California Department of Justice does not report information already to the NICS system. It sounds like California is the problem, not law-abiding citizens living in California.

Anyway, a host of people are against this proposal and the list keeps growing. Currently standing in opposition are the California Rifle & Pistol Association, FFLGuard, Jews Can Shoot, the CalGuns Shooting Sports Association, the California Reserve Peace Officers Association,  the Coalition for Civil Liberties, the Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County, the the California Fish and Game Wardens’ Association, the California State Sheriffs’ Association, as well as the NRA and the Firearms Policy Coalition. I hope this dies on the vine and also hope for the sake of the people of California that Newsom is unsuccessful in his run for Governor.

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