Will politician never learn? Guns.com recently posted an article on H.R.4748 which is the Imported Assault Weapons Ban of 2016 introduced by 33 House Democrats on the ridiculous premise that these firearms are a menace to society. Frequent readers of the blog are no doubt aware how asinine that assumption is and how long guns are infrequently used by criminals and I’ll bet the instances where an imported long gun are used by criminals in the US are minuscule. When will this madness stop? What will it take for politicians to decide feel good actions are not worthwhile? Why ban importation of firearms which have not proven to be a problem unless it is a means to ultimately work on a ban of all firearms. I hope this dies in committee or gets so heavily amended no one would ever pass it. Maybe then those politicians who sponsored it will understand just what a waste of time and effort this is. I do see one politician from NC on the cosponsor list so we have not been asking our brightest to serve on our behalf. Perhaps when she comes up for reelection we can remedy this oversight.