Occasionally in the past when I was looking for a particular firearm I would run into GunsAmerica in my searches, but I never actually conducted a transaction on the site. This month they made local transactions, those made within 50 miles zipcode to zipcode, free on the site. Supposedly this was in response to Facebook booting groups who were using the site to setup legal firearm transactions. I’m glad GunsAmerica is filling a void, but isn’t this Armslist on a local scale? I guess the format is proven, but when I clicked through a few of the listings they appeared to all be FFL listings. If nothing else this gives sellers and buyers another means to conduct legal transactions after Facebook showed folks the door. I’m betting GA will get more traffic as people search through listings and even though the item may not be local if the person wants the item they will transfer through an FFL to get it and the site will recoup their fees for those transactions since they were not conducted locally.