Many moons ago when you had a large flight feeding into a mini-BOS round you would sit around waiting on a slow judge pair to finish up so the flight could conclude. Then a few years ago we started using queued judging for mini-BOS rounds and everyone finishes at the same time. It was truly a thing of beauty and I wish I had come up with the idea. The BJCP details how to accomplish queued judging on the Competition Center page in the Queued Judging section.

Recently there was a discussion about the judging on the AHA Forum and it was mentioned how ridiculous it is for a judge pair to advance more than three entries in a competition which only awards a first, second, and third place. Some made comments they would advance four if two entries, presumably the third and fourth place, were so close they thought they both may have a chance at an award. I call BS. You are a judge and your role is to evaluate the entries and ultimately decide the winners. If you cannot decide 1, 2, and 3 while queued judging, how the heck will you decide in a flight without queued judging. I find indecisive people annoying in the first place so reading some make statement they would send four entries to me says they need to work on their decision making abilities. When queued judging you should never send forward more entries than awards will be given in the flight and you should also decide how many to advance. If all three are stinkers then don’t advance any unless required by the competition director. I judged recently on two queued mini-BOS rounds and in one case we sent one and in another we sent two. I’ve been on panels where we didn’t send any. The bottom line is make a decision and move forward. Sending entries forward because you cannot make a decision indicates to me you need to work on your decision making abilities while judging.