I ran into a Guns.com story and still cannot wrap my brain around what I read. The article stemmed from an ATF report on firearm thefts and losses in the US. The report showed 14,800 firearms were stolen or lost in 2015. The Guns.com article indicated the number was down from the previous year so as it turns out the number in 2014 was 19,229. Am I the only person who thinks something is wrong with these numbers. Keep in mind these are losses from FFLs, not from ordinary citizens. This is not the guy who had his home burglarized and lost his gun collection or the guy with the gun in the glove compartment which was taken when his car windows were smashed, this is a dealer in firearms losing them to thieves or in the mail/shipping. We hear all the time about how the gun show loophole is causing all sorts of crime, but I think the FFL losses are putting firearms directly into the hands of criminals. In two years over 34,000 firearms have been stolen or lost? That is ridiculous!

Chicago supposedly has 150,000 gang members, but with an average loss of 15,000 firearms at FFLs we could arm them all in less than 10 years. I find this disturbing. Most FFLs secure their business against theft, but brazen criminals will find a way in if they can. The losses are even more disturbing comprising almost 60% of the losses in 2015 and 70% in 2014. Where are all these firearms? I believe the government should stop trying to place more regulations on individuals and find a way to stop firearm losses. Thefts can and will occur, but these lost firearms are undoubtedly finding their way into the hands of criminals.