Let’s assume for a minute the only issue we care about is firearms. I’m looking at the primary ballot and while readers of the blog might think they know my political views, I’ll bet the majority would have it wrong. My idea is to vote for the man or woman for the job, I’ve long given up on the politician representing and listening to me, so I try to do some research on the candidate to make an informed decision. If they are anti-gun messages from me is not going to change their position. Anyway as I look at the primary ballot I’m leaning toward vindictive voting in the races where there are no good choices and voting for the candidate who probably will not take the nomination to take votes away from the person who will. Luckily we still have the general election to come before we make the ultimate decision. On the topic of firearms, you’re either with me, or your against me and often the candidate’s position on guns is what tips the scales in their favor on election day.