Last night I decided to celebrate a milestone by opening a beer which has lurked in my fridge for a long time. The beer was a 2006 Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Style Imperial Stout. I have never attended Dark Lord Day and at $200 a ticket (~$40 a bottle) I’m not sure I will. According to BA Dark Lord was first brewed in 2002 and they made five barrels of it (10 kegs). 2004 was the first year it was bottled and the first party for the beer release was in 2005. I remember having that back in 2005 and it was divine. At the time I got the bottle from a friend for $15 including shipping. By 2006 the word was out and it was a difficult beer to find. I believe I begged, borrowed, and stole to get the 2006 which has been hiding in my fridge. As the beer is almost 10 years old it was time for it to come out and play. It truly was awesome and had many of the attributes of the 2005 variant. The 2005 almost erupted as I poured it back in the day, but the 2006 just left traces of carbonation on the glass. The aroma and flavor were chocolate, molasses, raisins, and prunes coupled to a bready/biscuity nature. There was coffee and subtle roast with cherries. The alcohol only showed after consumption, but it was definitely there. I believe the ABV on this is somewhere around 15%. I believe I still may have a 2005 in the back of the fridge. Now the question becomes does the 2005 get a 2020 opening date or do I continue to save it until 2025. 😉