I found a new pet peeve last night. We knew a certain brewery taproom closed at 9pm based on passed experience and so we made an effort to get there shortly after 8pm. Our actual arrival time was about 8:20pm and there were several people inside. As we went to the main door it seemed to be locked, so we checked the side door most people use and were greeted and told they were closing early due to it being a slow night. Inside were at least six people and they would have picked up three more which would probably have rendered it 25-33% capacity so how the heck is that slow. Crap like that just gets under my skin. If you have operating hours, operate during those hours. Suppose a group of say 10 was with us, now you are talking being at 50% capacity in a matter of minutes. I must say this taproom let me down and I let them know on Facebook. I guess from now on I’ll keep in mind to be there before 8pm on a weekday or to skip it altogether.