Back when I was the admin for several exams it always seemed there were some who would become MIA just as the exam time came. People either would not show, or would bail a day or two before the exam. Then I started taking a modest deposit and it improved a little. Finally I started taking a serious deposit and still had one person not show on the day of the exam. That deposit did add accountability since examinees now had skin in the game, but it didn’t stop the problem of people cancelling at the last minute. There are good reasons to cancel if something comes up unexpectedly, but just cancelling because you didn’t prepare well shouldn’t be even considered, especially with the taste exam. Just discuss what you perceive and that is all that is required. If you do the best you can, you probably will achieve a passing score and perhaps a good to great score. The bottom line is if you bagged on an exam at the last minute you are a drain on the system and were taking a seat for that exam someone else probably wanted, but because of your last minute decision to wuss out it will be vacant. Don’t be a wuss, man up (or woman up) and take it if you scheduled it!