Recently I found myself in a package store and found myself engaged in conversation with two gentlemen about Bourbon. One was trying to find a bottle of William Larue Weller from the Antique Collection at Buffalo Trace and did not seem disappointed when all he left with was W.L. Weller Special Reserve. I don’t think he realized the price point between the two is $50. Anyway we engaged in conversation and before long another gentleman joined in. He was on the lookout for some whiskey from Texas and so we discussed that for awhile. I realized in the conversation your preference for flavor in Bourbon is important. Some like it more rough and alcoholic and others with brown sugar and sweeter finish impressions. About the only way to suggest a Bourbon is to know one they have tried and enjoyed and then point out something similar and hopefully superior. I know many have similar palates to mine, but I believe the gentleman yesterday will be slightly disappointed in his purchase when he realizes just how pedestrian it is compared to what he would normally drink. The next time you hit a package store and see someone perusing the same section strike up a conversation, you might learn something new.