Quite some time back I spied a bottle of W.L. Weller 12 Year sitting on the shelf of a liquor store where the expensive Bourbons normally reside. What was interesting about that is the bottle was only about $30. I asked the clerk for it and took it home to put in the queue. This Weller has a nice leather, oak, vanilla, and brown sugar flavor, but I didn’t actually find it so interesting I was coming back time after time to try it neat. I hate to mix a 12 year old Bourbon, but this one just wasn’t interesting enough to keep my attention otherwise so I committed the cardinal sin. I did appreciate it neat, but after months of sitting in the bar not getting much attention I actually think this would work very well in a number of mixed drinks and also works neat if you like the restrained flavors and aromas it has. Many have said this is basically Pappy that didn’t make the cut so if you do happen upon a bottle give it a whirl. For me it came off as good, with a great price point.