I waited until the last day to open Stone Enjoy By 02.14.16 Unfiltered IPA and noticed when I pulled it from the fridge the unfiltered nature of the beer had a pretty strong layer of yeast and sludge at the bottom of the bottle. The 9.4% ABV beer was bottled on 01/08/16 and I purchased it the day it hit the store, but was told that was the second time it had been delivered. As I poured the beer into the glass I tried to decant off the yeast, but it was light and fluffy and I ended up leaving more beer in the bottle than I would have liked. I have another bottle and with it I may be more daring with the yeast, but just didn’t feel like having B vitamins last night. The Stone website lists a myriad of hops in this beer and the malt and hops created strong tropical flavors and aroma which were juicy and ultimately quite delicious. This was not the best Enjoy By beer, but it was darn close. If you spot it sitting on the shelf all lonely and out of date do yourself a favor and purchase it. I’m pretty confident being out of date will not hurt this brew at all.