The last two times Stone released an Enjoy By Black IPA I wasn’t able to snag a bottle, but this time I made sure that was not the case when they released Enjoy By 02.14.16 Black IPA. The 9.4% ABV beer was bottled on 01/09/16 and was quite fresh and stellar. Stone lists the hops as Amarillo, Super Galena, Centennial, Cascade, Vic Secret, Ella, and Galaxy. They also divulge with this one they are darkening with Sinamar. I used Sinamar back in the homebrewing days to darken a Weizenbock which was too light for style, but had not heard anything about it in a very long time. It is basically a malt based colorant. I gotta admit I really enjoyed the Enjoy By Black IPA, mainly because it didn’t come off as an American Porter it was truly a Black IPA. I noticed it was still lurking on shelves last week so if you didn’t snag a bottle there may still be time, of course it goes out of date tomorrow. 😉