I read that Michael Bloomberg was contemplating a run for President and got to thinking about what that might mean for gun owners if he entered the race as an Independent candidate. I try not to get too political in my statements, but basically we have a two party system in the US and everyone else has always done poorly at the polls and has only removed votes from the party they most closely identify with. We all know one of his platforms would be gun control and that he would take many voters away from the Democratic party. So let’s make a poor assumption that 1/2 of the voters are Republican and 1/2 are Democrats and Bloomberg comes to the party. I would expect about half of the Democrats to jump ship and up to 1/4 of the Republicans who do not like whatever candidate makes it through to November to look at the Independent candidate. In rough numbers that leaves 3/8 of the voters remaining Republican, 1/4 of the voters Democrat, and 3/8 going with the Independent. The key to keeping Bloomberg at home will be for either less Democrats to move to his side or less Republicans.

When I first heard he was thinking of it I thought no big deal, but once you start to calculate you realize if either party loses voters to the Independent candidate it will throw the entire election in a tailspin. I’m certainly not going to vote for Bloomberg since he has done everything he could think of to turn public opinion against guns. So whatever we do we need to be sure Bloomberg does not get a chance to lead Washington!