On February 1 the NCABC rolled out the new quarterly price list and one bottle was notable for the price increase. Macallan 25 Year wasn’t exactly a bargain at $999, but when it increased $300 to $1,299 on February 1 it certainly will not be flying off the shelves. Here’s the crazy part, the NCABC sets the pricing on all products and several stores had the thousand buck bottle of Scotch in their display cases. Those bottles were purchased previous to the price increase and did not cost any additional funds. With the change in the price list the price to the consumer increased 30%, but the ABC store didn’t pay their new cost, they paid the old price. In essence for each bottle they already had in the store they will make $300 more when it is sold. I seriously doubt people are going to line up to get something which wasn’t moving prior to the increase, but it doesn’t compute to change NC residents more for alcohol when it did not cost the NCABC system any additional funds. They already charge 80.8% so I guess gouging NC residents isn’t really anything the NCABC Commission and Staff loses any sleep over.