Yesterday a podcast was recorded from Charlotte focused on the growth of craft beer and included Ryan Self from Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Bryan Meredith from Queen City Q, and Tim Kent of the North Carolina Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association. Ryan and Bryan were on together, but Tim was too cowardly to appear with them and phoned in his portion without the rest of the panel. Tim was evasive and would not answer the questions directly and reminded me of a slimy politician in an uncomfortable situation. I believe the reason he did not appear with others was because he could not remember the names of the breweries he planned to use so he had them on a cheat sheet and mostly referred to Foothills because that was the only one he could remember of the top of his head. I’ve mentioned Tim before on the blog and if he is going to constantly prove a threat to craft beer in NC we may need to do more to alert the public and legislators to his true character and intentions. Take a few minutes and listen to the podcast and when Tim comes on you can judge for yourself!

I hope this links the podcast correctly, if not go to the WFAE website.