Back in October I mentioned how difficult it was to find Rowan’s Creek in some areas and that it was near impossible to find the big brother Noah’s Mill. Since then I was lucky enough to find a Rowan’s and a friend picked up a Noah’s for me. I’ll leave the Rowan’s impression for another day, but Noah’s Mill is the real deal. At 114.3 proof you would expect it to be boozy and hot, but it is not. Neat is the way to enjoy big bro to really pick up the spicy rye notes in the aroma and flavor. I picked up sweet brown sugar, leather, and a very nice oak which all worked together to create a $50 Bourbon worth every penny of the price of admission. Apparently at one time Noah’s was aged 15 years, but the bottle I have has no indication of age and some of the online sources say it is a blend of Bourbons ranging in age from 4 to 20 years. I tend to dislike hot alcohol Bourbons, and several have found Noah’s to be hot, but I did not. To me the alcohol was in check with the myriad of flavors. If you see a bottle give it a whirl, at the $50 price point it is the upper end of the spectrum for trying without a recommendation for me, but there were enough positives online for me to take the chance and I am glad that I did.