Suppressors fall into the scratching my head category and so I am a little surprised to see Ruger decide to enter into that business. Ruger has created the Silent-SR and knowing their eye on quality and durability it will be a winner. The MSRP is $449 and of course you must fill out all the Form 4 paperwork and allow the ATF to spend six months processing the forms.

Suppressors being part of the NFA items just doesn’t compute to me. I believe it is a result of reading too many spy novels and seeing too many Hollywood movies. I suppose gangsters were using them to suppress gunfire in the 30’s, but I’m not sure how regulating them somehow stopped mob violence and crimes.

Today a suppressor is an attachment to the firearm which lengthens it, makes it less concealable, and also lessens the noise created when in operation. It doesn’t make it silent and the pew pew you hear on television is pure fiction. Watch this video if you want to see what a .22LR actually would sound like through a suppressor. That wasn’t quite pew pew was it now?

Suppressors should be taken off the NFA list and should not require a $200 tax stamp and six month waiting period to acquire. At worst they should be transferred like a firearm through an FFL or even better simply sold as an accessory which can help with noise. With a $449 MSRP and the requirement of a threaded barrel for the attachment, gangsters will not be lining up to get one, especially not for .22LR. Take them off the list so I can quit scratching my head!