Last night I decided to give Sierra Nevada 2016 Beer Camp Tropical IPA a whirl. The 6.7% ABV beer touts 55 IBU from  Amarillo bittering hops and Mosaic, Citra, Comet, and El Dorado finishing hops. The flavor is quite tropical and fruity, but never overpowering. In fact the hops are well balanced and play well with the malt which includes pale along with Munich which is one of my favorites and then Honey Malt which is a specialty malt which I love and don’t see often in recipes. Honey Malt if you chew it tastes like acid. It is not great to try raw, but put that puppy in a recipe and it leaves a nice impression of sweet honey in the finished beer. It does need to be mashed, so don’t steep it, but try it if you want a little residual honey flavor. (There’s your homebrew tip of the day.)  If you see the Tropical IPA out and about give it a whirl. I liked it and I think you will as well!

BeerCamp Tropical