I should probably keep this one to myself, but sometime back a barkeep gave me a taste of Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey when I mentioned I liked Hakushu 12. After that single taste I knew I had to snag a bottle. Imagine my surprise when I happened into a liquor store and spotted bottles on the shelf so I brought one home to see if my impression of that small sample was correct. Turns out it was. I first wondered if I should try this neat, with a splash, or go with a cube. Turns out neat is the cat’s meow. In case you are wondering Coffey is the type of still, not the breakfast drink. The nose contains quite a bit of alcohol from the 90 proof whiskey, but also some honey and oak along with an impression of coconut. The flavor is where it is at with this whiskey and to me it is divine. It has tropical fruits coupled with vanilla and honey with some interesting low spice characteristics. Don’t be fooled, the flavor is not sweet, but it does have enough residual sweetness to keep from having a harsh aftertaste. It is smooth and wonderful. As you can tell I really like this whiskey and feel most Bourbon drinkers would enjoy it as well. If you spy a bottle at a decent price point ($60), snag it. I do not believe you will be disappointed!

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