Last night YouTube and Google killed the Hickok45 channel once again. Two days ago I pondered what the first termination foreshadowed and was hopeful the termination was a glitch which Google/YouTube would fix. Hickok45  posted a video yesterday explaining what he and his son believed had happened and the steps they took to get the channel back up and running. Then last night it was once again MIA and Hickok45 posted on his Facebook page he eliminated everything from Google+ in and effort to determine what may be causing the issue if it was originating from Google+. Yesterday they hypothesized the issue was created by a filter glitch in the server which had to be corrected by human interaction. This makes me put on my tinfoil hat and wonder if someone with an agenda has put a bug in the code and this is just the tip of the iceberg. All it would take is one gun control advocate to eliminate guns methodically from YouTube and Google. I hope this is just a mistake and no tinfoil is required, but time will ultimately tell.

EDIT: The channel mysteriously returned before noon EST.