Yesterday the internet blew up when the YouTube channel for Hickok45 was terminated for some supposed Google+ violation(s). A few hours later the channel was back up and running, but it makes me wonder what this might be leading toward in terms of Google. If you were not aware Google pretty much runs your life. They have a phone platform, they are your main search engine, they run YouTube, GMail, Picasa, Google Maps, Chrome, etc. At least one of those is something you use on a weekly or perhaps a daily basis. I’ve never created a Google+ account, at one time everyone was discussing leaving Facebook for G+, but that never happened and those who did move over ended up coming back. Everyone who has read this blog more than a minute realizes how much I admire Hickok45 and what he does. If you are not familiar with him, take a minute and check out one of his videos. He discusses firearms, their history, and then shoots targets with them with ridiculously good accuracy at times. It is entertaining, educational, and just plain fun to watch. If Google decides they no longer want you to have access to firearms that will happen in an instant. They control the video channels and also the search engine and browser you most likely use to access your favorite firearm sites. I’m hopeful the account deletion of Hickok45 on YouTube was a glitch or a mistake, but also in the back of my head there is a little voice whispering we may not have heard the last of Google and guns.