I’ve been watching the events in Oregon recently and scratching my head as to why this group believes taking over Federal property is a good idea. From what I can gather the group is trying to use the plight of two men as their reasoning for the protest. I have news for them, I believe protests should the planned and legal. You know those folks who block traffic, I believe the cars should slowly proceed forward and push them out of the way. You can protest all you want in traffic, but if you block my path on a major thoroughfare without a permit you will likely find yourself with scrapes and bruises should you choose not to get out of the way of my vehicle. Get your protest to the sidewalk where legal and shout and scream all you want, but stay out of the way of traffic.

The folks in Oregon really didn’t think it through. They have illegally taken over a Federal building just asking for the Feds to come in and create a hostile environment. If I was the Feds I would first cut the power to the facility, then the water, followed by any other services such as telephone and natural gas. I read somewhere they planned to stay during the winter. I’d bring in a tow truck and start removing vehicles and the second anyone stopped or left they would be arrested. I’d let them sit in the building until they decided it might be smart to leave. By my calculations that would be about 30 days or less. They probably will burn the building for heat so arson can be tacked on as a charge. I’d start erecting fencing around the building as well. At some point they will either give up or escalate it to the point no one will blame the government for lighting up their world with everything at their disposal.

If you want to legally protest, then by all means do so, but I just cannot get behind taking over property because you have some cause. You are no better than a group blocking traffic or a group rioting and looting in Missouri or Baltimore.