I just read where NY lawmakers are gearing up to severely restrict the amount of ammunition a person can purchase and it doesn’t even make sense. Typically anything other than shotgun rounds come in boxes of 25 or 50, a few may come 20 per box, but that is about it. The measure would cap the amount of ammunition to twice the firearm’s capacity every 90 days. So if you have an AR-15 you could purchase 60 rounds every 90 days, but if you have a six-shot revolver you could only purchase 12 rounds every 90 days. Neither of those quantities is standard manufacture and when was the last time you heard about someone creating mayhem with a revolver? If their goal is to limit the amount of ammo someone can have for their AR then in a single year someone could have 240 rounds (4 x 60). The article mentioned one of the people behind the legislation using San Bernardino as an example for why this legislation is necessary. Let’s explore that for a second. In the Inland Regional Center the terrorists shot 65 to 75 rounds and in the shootout with police on East San Bernardino Avenue the terrorists fired 76 rounds. So in total the most they could have fired according to police was 151 rounds in the two attacks. This legislation, if passed, would have done nothing to stop the terrorists nor any terrorist. It would however make a law abiding citizen only be able to buy the equivalent of a box of ammo for their revolver every 450 days.