Last night we opened a bottle of red wine which was fairly bland and slightly tart and decided to aerate to see if it would improve. Not too long ago my wife purchased an aeration device and we have used it on occasion, but not enough to determine if it will ultimately be useful or not. I aerated a small amount of the wine last night into one glass and poured another glass from the bottle and did a taste test. The aerated wine was sour and almost undrinkable while the original was simply bland and tart. This got me thinking aeration should be used sparingly and only when the wine improves. The wine we had last night went from just ok to awful/undrinkable after aerating so simply aerating a wine is not a viable solution every time. I think from now on we’ll do a test to be sure the wine improves before going hog wild with the aerator. Perhaps it would improve a young Cabernet, but for sureĀ cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.