Yesterday afternoon the official announcement came from the Virginia Attorney General, Mark Herring, as to why concealed handgun permit reciprocity agreements were being voided for several states. The reason were not quite clear when we posted yesterday morning, but the press release shed some light on the subject. According to the notice § 18.2-308.014 indicates in order to have reciprocity the state must provide “the means for instantaneous verification of the validity of all such permits or licenses issued within that state, accessible 24 hours a day.” I gotta be honest, I don’t know if NC has that in place or not, but I do know when I was trying to enter a military base in NC they knew immediately about my CHP and asked me if I had a firearm on me. That leads me to believe we have such a system which can be accessed easily. Otherwise I see nothing in the Virginia laws which would disqualify NC for reciprocity under their law. Now what I find bothersome is the verbiage “instantaneous.” How fast do you mean? Do you have to look it up in a computer? Do you have WiFi? I know in certain parts of Virginia I have visited in the past cell phone service was nonexistent. To me a reasonable period of time would be the time it takes for authorized personnel to access the information and relay it to those authorized to know the information. So long as those channels are through law enforcement then no big deal, but information like that should not be easily accessible through the internet.

Anyway, it’s really clear what this is all about, gun control. Herring is pushing an agenda and that agenda is to restrict citizen’s rights inside and outside of Virginia. Vacating long held agreements will mean Virginia residents will not be able to protect themselves on February 1, 2016 in the same manner they have been protecting themselves for many years. Herring is trying to criminalize people who have undergone extensive background checks to prove they are law-abiding citizens. His solution is to allow them to now go through another background check to obtain a Nonresident Virginia CHP, but he has diminished the value of that permit by eliminating agreements with other states. Hopefully voters will see what he is trying to do and legislators will fix the statutes so reciprocity can be restored.