As the year winds down I thought it might be nice to reflect on how the year has gone. I must say it is pretty much like the previous 27 years of owning a hand gun or 34 years of owning a shotgun. I didn’t shoot anyone and I don’t know anyone else who shot someone. My firearms didn’t spontaneously shoot anyone either. It must be a Christmas miracle or something because every time I see someone discussing issues they believe my guns must be regulated, banned, or taken away. When I check the record it is spotless and to me it just doesn’t compute. If guns are the issue then guns would randomly shoot people without human interaction. Since we know that does not happen then the common denominator is the human, not the firearm. So as you look back on the year, if you were not a gun owner you probably did not shoot anyone, and if you are a law-abiding citizen and own a gun you probably did not shoot anyone either. Seems like our discussion should revolve around illegal firearm use and the criminals who don’t obey the law.