You may recall how much I enjoyed Old Forester 1870 back in November so you may be surprised to hear my thoughts on Old Forester 1897. Had I tried this one before I had the 1870 I would not have purchased the 1870. This variant is 100 proof and stays hot start to finish whether neat, with a cube, or in a mixed beverage. I’ve tried to like it and just cannot get past the higher alcohols in the nose and flavor to find something to embrace. Sure there are caramel and brown sugar notes lurking behind the alcohol, but when a cube won’t tame the beast it’s time to set it free. The price point is $50 and I can find better Bourbon which I do appreciate in that price range, in fact I can find a bunch of it or almost two bottles of something I like better. In a Bourbon and Ginger it is acceptable, but I try not to spend $50 a fifth for acceptable Bourbons for mixing. So as much as I appreciate 1870 I have to suggest if you find your tastes similar to my own you skip Old Forester 1897.