Some time back when I purchased Powell & Mahoney products I added a bottle of 1926 Original Recipe Bloody Mary to the order. The company has several different blends, but I settled on the original because of their description:

Critics agree,Powell & Mahoney, Ltd has created one of the best Bloody Mary mixers in the country. This tasty mixture of bold tomato flavor, barrel-aged Worcestershire sauce, and all natural spices will tantalize your taste buds and pair perfectly with every brunch!

I followed their suggestions and created the most boring Bloody Mary I have ever had. The flavor lacks depth and seems like thickened tomato juice. I’m not sure why this recipe lasted since 1926, but I was definitely sure at that moment I would never drop another dime on this product. After I jazzed up the first drink I made a second with tequila for a Bloody Maria. Same story, boring and lackluster so I had to jazz it up. This doesn’t even work well as a base IMO. I seriously suggest you skip it and find something else. If there was a way to get my money back I would try.

As far as jazzing up a Bloody I had a well aged bottle of Angostura Bloody Mary Seasoning which works well to take plain tomato juice and in a pinch create an acceptable Bloody. If you have the ingredients then you should avoid mixes and just use my Tree Bar recipe as it is truly outstanding.