A link popped into my Facebook feed to a CBS News page which lists the 30 most heavily armed states in America. I clicked through the list and found North Carolina at number 28 with 109,388 registered firearms dispersed among 9,848,060 people. That’s when I said wait a minute, what is this list actually showing. You see we have over half a million people in the state with concealed carry permits so it stands to reason we would have at least half a million firearms just for that segment of the population so 100K seems very low. Then it dawned on me the list says “registered” firearms. We don’t actually have any registration in North Carolina so I went back to the very first page of the list and noticed it said, according to the ATF’s National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. Apparently someone at CBS News wanted to make a list and all the data they could get their hands on was the NFA items. You know, all the things which require a $200 fee to the ATF, a special background check, and which take months to process. Things like short barreled rifles and supressors are part of that list. So what they are showing is actually the number of governmental registered firearm items in the state versus the actual census population. It is a fairly useless list because it says nothing about how well armed we are, only how many regulated and registered items are out there. You would think a news organization could find better use of their time then creating lists which show nothing. By the way, Wyoming tops the list and I checked every photo, only one of the 30 even has an NFA item in it.