I was speaking with a friend yesterday and he mentioned in one area it was becoming difficult to find sporting rifles and some ammunition. I don’t keep in touch quite as well as I once did on the pulse of firearm and ammunition supply, but a quick search didn’t yield anything in particular in short supply or unavailable. I did notice a post on social media by Spike’s Tactical indicating they would not price gouge so perhaps there is some truth in what my friend said. I see no need to rush out and purchase additional ammo or firearms just because someone might try to pass legislation of one form or another, but others may decide to stock up before anything becomes scarce again. I know the last time we faced a shortage of ammo it took over a year for some .22LR to come off backorder and ship. My suggestion is if you need or want something to buy it, otherwise I’d just sit tight. I believe the ultimate focus will be on trying to regulate black guns and background checks. Most likely any regulations not based in fact will fail if we band together to demonstrate useless feel good laws which only restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens and do nothing to stop criminals.

Recently I had a discussion with someone regarding waiting periods and the best they could come up with was they “might” stop a crime of passion or suicide. My contention was no law-abiding citizen is going through the steps required to own a firearm to commit a crime of passion or suicide, it just doesn’t happen. They wanted a waiting period as a feel good warm fuzzy, but in reality if someone already owns a firearm they would not purchase a new one in order to commit a crime or suicide, they would use the firearm they already own if they want to break the law so a waiting period for a gun owner is useless. If it is a new firearm owner a waiting period only serves to impede their access and no study can be produced which demonstrates a waiting period significantly impacts any crime or suicide rate. For those reasons I will fight tooth and nail against any waiting period legislation. Even if they rest of any legislation is sound if that is included it must fail. Laws should not be created to make anyone feel good, laws should be created because they work. Someone should tell me what additional law would have stopped the San Bernardino terrorists, because I’ve seen a laundry list of the laws they broke, but no suggestion of any law which would have stopped them from carrying out their carnage.