A few days ago a husband and wife team donned tactical gear and went into a San Bernardino Christmas party for his workplace shooting everyone they could. They killed 14 people and wounded 21 firing 65-75 rounds into the gathering. Later the vehicle was spotted and after it was stopped they fired at least 76 rounds at police who returned fire with approximately 380 rounds and stopped their mayhem. The police found pipe bombs in the vehicle and extra rifle and handgun rounds. The female was in the back of the vehicle shooting at the police with a ski mask on and the couple had GoPro cameras on them to capture their carnage. The couple was Muslim which in and of itself is not an indication of anything other than faith, but had traveled to Saudi Arabia and the female was from Pakistan. Considering the amount of ammo, the dress, the cameras, the bombs, and the background, it is safe to assume this was a terrorist attack. I’m not sure what else is needed to reach that conclusion.

The politicians are offering thoughts and prayers as well as a call for more gun control when the firearms were obtained legally with background checks by the couple. What gun control are they hoping to achieve which would have actually stopped this terrorist attack? If the firearms were purchased with background checks then the failure here is on whichever governmental agency is supposedly monitoring this activity. A coworker for the male indicated he did not notice any odd behavior other than the man became much more reserved and grew a beard after his trip to Saudi Arabia. With a cache of pipe bombs and ammunition somebody had to notice something was out of whack with these two. My take on it is the man began and online relationship with the woman who had loose ties to one of the terrorist organizations and over time he became radicalized. They most likely had a bigger plan in mind, but when the workplace Christmas party was held he became enraged and escalated the timeline. They had no plans to be caught so quickly and were going back to their apartment to finish what they started in another area when the police caught and killed them. Plain and simple this was a terrorist act on American soil, it doesn’t take a  mathematical genius to add one plus one and find the result is two. I wonder how long until someone actually says it and then will they keep blaming the gun or finally blame the person for their actions.