Billy Saletan got under my skin with his Slate post incorrectly pointing to NC as a homegrown terrorist breeding ground. Let’s take a few minutes and look at the facts surrounding the man who carried out the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado. First off this cretin lived in Colorado prior to his rampage moving there last year. When he lived in NC he was a loner and lived in a shack with no electricity nor running water. Someone please explain to me how someone with no electricity and no friends while living in NC is somehow miraculously turned into a terrorist. What is a fact is he moved over a year ago to Colorado and mid-summer of this year a series of videotaped conversations about Planned Parenthood came to light which were most likely the catalyst which sparked this madman to attack the facility. Let’s flesh out that timeline one more time. Deal moved to Colorado in 2014 prior to which he had no friend, no electricity, and no running water. The videotapes and stories surrounding them were published in the summer of 2015. If anything his plan was hatched in Colorado because that is where he was when information on the Planned Parenthood videos began to surface. The fact he ever lived in NC means nothing in regard to his actions other than he was reclusive and had lived there for five years before moving to Colorado. Before pointing fingers perhaps it would be better to know the facts, of course that probably would not create an opinion piece which would garner attention!