Recently I spent some time in Ireland and while I am sure I missed quite a bit I can say the scene in the country needs some work if they want people to flock there as a beer destination. Occasionally you can find a local draft on one of the taps in a pub, but generally that does not happen. There are some breweries which are becoming regional in nature and even distributing outside Ireland in the UK, but when the local produces a beer which is essentially the same thing as Harp I just cannot call it craft. I found a few places with bottles and unfortunately most of what I found had production issues such as acetaldehyde. One standout was Galway Bay Brewing which was a true craft beer thinking outside the box with many innovative brews with few flaws to be found. My suggestion if you are traveling in the country and your goal is craft beer to do some extensive research ahead of time, perhaps even contacting each brewery to find out where you can locate their brews. Otherwise you might just be stuck with the standard fare of most pubs which ain’t bad, but it also ain’t craft!