I believe most people have heard the term Table Wine which generally means a wine which is neither fortified nor sparkling and which can be consumed with a meal or included in the preparation of that meal. Often people think of jug wine which is more or less the lowest common denominator, but I think of Table wine as an inexpensive approachable wine to have with any meal.

I much prefer the term House Wine which in my world is a wine I have determined will suit my palate and so I keep it around almost all the time. I’ve discussed several bargain wines I prefer over the years, but my typical rule is the wine must be $20 or less with the goal being $10 or less. Once we find one that fits the bill we will purchase several bottles to keep until needed. Most are not wines which require extensive aging and we strive to consume them in a timely fashion. Most turn out to be blends and even the biggest snob would not poo poo a glass and if they did I’d be glad to show them where the door is located. 😉