I ran across Ommegang Rosetta in the store recently and did not pick it up at first, but decided on a subsequent bottle shop visit to snag a bottle since it was an Ommegang I hadn’t sampled. The label simply says ‘Ale Aged On Cherries’ so I was not expecting anything else and when I had it thought it was exactly that, a lightly tart ale with cherries. I also thought the 5.6% ABV beer needed a kick in the pants in the flavor department. Imagine my surprise when I start researching for this post and find out this was supposed to be a Belgian Kriek. Sorry Ommegang, this is a fail if that is what you were after. While it is a tasty beer, it is sadly not a Kriek unless the definition of Kriek is cherry beer. I tend to think of Kriek in terms of lambic and it just doesn’t fit the bill. What it sounds like they were shooting for is Rodenbach Redbach which I haven’t seen in years, or the newer Rodenbach Rosso but was more like what was described in the Ommegang blog than the beer which arrived on my countertop. Rosetta is a good beer, especially when it is simply thought of as an ale aged on cherries!