As a lad I taught archery at a summer camp and was quite skilled with a recurve bow. In college two of us set the curve for the Archery class. This weekend I finally got to try to shoot a compound bow and realized I don’t know anything about compound bows a fact which was obvious when I found I could not pull back the 73 lb bow. I tried and tried and my shoulder is now letting me know I am not nearly as young as I once was. I was able to easily manipulate a bow with a 50 something pound pull, but that 73 was a beast. I recently saw a chart of what the pull weight should be based on gender, size, and weight of the archer. Seems like I should really be about 10 lbs less than the bow I was trying to shoot. My wife suggested we get a bow and learn to shoot it well together which sounds like fun, but based on the charts we’d need two, one for me and one for her. Seems like an expensive endeavor, but on the bright side once you invest you really won’t have to worry about more money until the arrows need to be replaced.