I watched the 60 minutes piece on Smart Guns Sunday night with interest and I found one comment by New Jersey State Senator Loretta Wineberg extremely troubling. When asked by Lesley Stahl why her legislation had not worked out as planned she said, “Because of the intervention of the NRA and the Second Amendment folks.” You might not immediately understand why this is an issue, but as Americans we don’t get to pick and choose which portions of the US Constitution we will follow. You see if someone can pick and choose suppose they chose to be against the 19th Amendment, or the 15th. The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights and last time I checked not a single one of the Bill of Rights has been modified or amended in any way, shape, or form. Senator Wineberg needs to realize we are all Second Amendment Folks, and First Amendment Folks, and all the other Amendment Folks. I think if more people kept this thought in the back of their mind we might get something accomplished.