If there ever was a prize for coolest Bourbon bottle it would go to Willett Pot Still Reserve. The bottle resembles, you guessed it, a pot still and the Bourbon inside is 94 proof and between 8 and 10 years old and was first introduced in 2008. It has a definite sweet characteristic to the aroma and more subtly in the flavor with spicy alcohol notes, brown sugar, toffee, and oak. The first few pours I tried didn’t make me jump out of my shoes, but over time this one grew on me. At a sub $40 price point it is a no brainer, but prices have been increasing and now it is closer to $45 in some areas. At that price I expect a Bourbon to be great and this one is, but I don’t know if I will shell it out again for a bottle which doesn’t fit well in the bar and a Bourbon I like, but I have several others in the price point I like much better. If you want to be super cool get the half-gallon bottle because it is large and in charge. If you find a fifth for $40 or under snag it, if it is more, consider if there is another bottle you would prefer to have for the same price.