I was reviewing some stats recently and found in NC we have over 20,000 accidents per year and an average of 5 people die in NC each year due to … drumroll … deer.

I know you were thinking I was going to say firearms, but the reality is Bambi is much more dangerous to you. Nearly 1,000 people are hurt by deer vs car accidents on an annual basis and I don’t hear people getting all crazy about how we should control the deer population (which we should), rather how sweet and innocent they are and people should not hunt them. If NC is an average state then think how many accidents and deaths there are in the US. In 2000 there were 200 deaths from deer collisions and 1 million, yes MILLION, collisions Nationwide. As a Nation we really need to rethink what we worry about.

Stop focusing on gun control and think about the thing which really affects us most, Cancer. Find a cure for that because Cancer affects us all!