So I think anyone who reads the blog would know I’m a beer, wine, and Bourbon kinda guy. I don’t do too many mixed drinks other than the occasional Bloody Mary or something concocted with Bourbon. The other night while watching one of our favorite shows, The Booze Traveler, our hero was in Italy and was drinking Campari. I checked our bar and sure enough we were well stocked so I poured a little over ice which was what he appeared to be doing. I must say Jack Maxwell is the man if he could choke down large gulps of that. It is quite bitter and astringent with a definite citrusy orange pith/peel character. I don’t care for gin and I also don’t care for orange juice so I believe most cocktails with Campari are not going to appear in my playbook. Anyway, if you like bitter orange this might be your ticket, I can see dropping some in a nondescript wheat beer or a smidge in a cocktail to create a more interesting beverage, but as a sipper I’m going to pass.