I received an email from a bottle shop announcing the arrival of Guinness Nitro IPA and must admit I was hoping for a very nice beer. What I got was something different altogether. The 5.8% ABV brew touts 44 IBU from Admiral, Celeia, Topaz, Challenger and Cascade. Then Challenger, Cascade and Topaz hops are dry-hopped to supposedly create a citrus aroma. What I found in my glass was bitter water. It was did not have enough malt backbone to create a nice English Bitter and wasn’t hoppy enough to have a nice IPA. Heck, it was barely a pale ale and I’ve tasted beginner homebrews with better balance. My suggestion is to skip it. If I see it on draft I might snag a pint for comparison, but what I got out of the can wasn’t worth my time to consume.

G Nitro