Suppose a delivery man was stealing firearms from packages what should be his bail? If you guessed $25,000 then you would be correct. Keeping in mind a bail bondsman will typically charge 10% it only cost him $2,500 to walk out of the courthouse. I’m not sure if anyone else has a problem with this, but I do. People scream gun control and yet when you have laws broken and criminals in custody you aren’t throwing the book at the criminal. Remember the last time we had a known trafficker who straw purchased 27 firearms and he did no jail time at all!

In case you are not familiar with the case of Eric Bruneau, he was a UPS employee and was acting suspicious on October 20 and when searched they found two firearms taped to his legs. He also had charges filed for two additional firearms stolen in June. Most likely this guy will get off with a light sentence and find a new job. What should happen is he should do some serious time followed by serious probation and learn the error of his ways.