Not exactly a beer post today, but often I find myself on trips having to locate landmarks (beer stores, bars, taprooms, etc.) and punching them in the GPS. While planning for an upcoming trip I decided to create a Google map (you will need a gmail account). In it you can create layers, change icons, etc. We spent quite a bit of time doing that and I was not looking forward to having to find all those locations on the GPS after spending time working in Google. Then I noticed it has a KML export feature. I exported the data to KML and then, since I have a Garmin, changed it to GPX format using an online program. From there I was able to use the Garmin POI loader and get them in the Garmin. A word of caution, the POI loader will wipe your existing POI you may have loaded so backup that file before adding the new one to the GPS.

We have not yet taken the trip and it is overseas, but in the GPS everything appears to be working peachy keen. Hopefully this will save you a bit of heartache and time in planning your next excursion.