If I had a dollar for every time I typed something on a forum or on Facebook as a reply to some asinine comment and deleted it without ever sending I would be a very, very rich man.

Recently someone posted:
…(the United States) crazy gun laws…

I had a full three paragraphs asking what this British citizen meant before deleting it all realizing he was never going to be intelligent enough to hold a conversation. This same gentleman also stated in another post:
“Good guys with guns” usually end up shooting innocent bystanders

When I took Jeeves to task on naming all those incidents all I got in return was crickets chirping.

Over the years, especially on homebrewing forums, I must have typed tens of thousands of replies only to delete them entirely or to tone down my response. Luckily homebrewers have become more savvy over the years and information has increased so we have less and less of that behavior. Occasionally someone will still spout some nonsense about table sugar causing cider flavors or pre-boil hot side aeration, but for the most part people have come to their senses. Still I wish I had a dollar for every time I typed in a comment and deleted it, I could be retired on an island drinking a mixed drink from a coconut instead of blogging on the internet. 😉