Governor Jerry Brown once and for all solved the issue of school shooting and kicked the NRA in the teeth by signing Senate Bill 707 into law. Way to go Jerry I cannot believe no one thought of this before. So what does this bill do you ask? It creates gun-free zones for all schools and higher education in CA as well as making it a crime just to possess a single cartridge on campus. So now all those with concealed carry permits can just keep those nasty firearms at home and must steer clear of any campus property.

I’m amazed no one thought of this sooner. Let’s make it a law where law-abiding citizens cannot bring their firearms onto any campus without written approval and that will stop the criminals who would do harm to others dead in their tracks. You are awesome Jerry and thanks to you there will never be another gun related incident on school property in California. Three cheers for Jerry!

When will people realize that regulating those who already adhere to the law will do nothing to stop criminals and those intent of causing harm? Anyone who believes this law will do anything but regulate people who already obey the laws is an idiot!