Recently MillerCoors made the announcement they are closing their NC brewery. Many people will ultimately be affected by the closing, more than just MillerCoors. Now MillerCoors has pulled a move in Ohio for which has passed the point of no return without a retraction. You see Ohio has an ABV limit of 12% and legislation has been introduced to move that limit to 21%. 21% beer you say, why so high, because they want to match the level in the legislation of wine. In truth there are very few beers above 15%, but there are a few. However there are several just above 12% which are being excluded.

In one of the biggest dick moves I have seen in a long time MillerCoors sent testimony to the Ohio House of Representatives in opposition to the change. I’m going to vote with my money on this one and strive to never purchase another MillerCoors product, you can find a list of them on their website. I invite others to let them know how much of a dick move this way and vote with their dollars as well. You can hit them @MillerCoors on Twitter and MillerCoors on Facebook. There is also a contact form on their website if you are old school.