Guess I haven’t posted a beer photo in quite some time. Last night I opened Oskar Blues IPA which is a beer I have been enjoying quite a bit lately. The 6.43 ABV beer is 70 IBU crafted with Enigma, Vic Secret, Ella, Topaz and Galaxy hops. The canned on date was 08/20/15 so this was fresh and nice. The Australian hops provide grassy, earthy, and berry notes and while this IPA will probably not blow your socks off, it has everything I love in an IPA. It was juicy and hoppy without being crazily bittered. It was smooth and creamy and paired well with food. I suggest you run out and grab a six and give it a whirl. In my area it is going for $8-10 per six so with a coupon you might get out the door at $7 or less per six. At that price this beer is a new house staple.