Yesterday Ruger announced a trade-in program from the LC9. Best I can understand it you take your LC9 to a Ruger dealer, they give you a credit for the firearm and you purchase a LC9s. Then you send the details to Ruger and they will give you a gift certificate for $100 at ShopRuger. Here’s the rub, what is the retailer going to give me for my LC9. See I personally do not care for my LC9 the ergonomics of the safety don’t work well for me. For that reason I have not shot it much, probably less than 50 rounds. It is spotlessly clean and has hardly any wear. Brass Pro Shops and Cabela’s want $400 for the LC9s. Assuming mine is one which for some reason would command 75% of the value I still am behind in the grand scheme of things because I don’t particularly need anything from the Ruger store. More likely they would offer $200 for the trade-in and I’m down $100 on the deal.

While I don’t like the LC9, it does work well for my classes and I’ll probably keep it and use it for that purpose. If a large percentage are traded in it may actually one day be worth more in the current condition. I’ll keep my eye on it, but currently this doesn’t seem like a win-win.